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Falconry dates back to the era when the Arabs of pre-Islam. He said Adham Ben Mehrez Behli knowledge of the physical people: that the first increase of hawks from the Arabs Maaouya bin Harith bins Thur. It Abokanders in its time it stop days Qans has installed a network of birds. Whereupon hawks from the air on birds in a network to get their taste. Vhsal them when spotted taking Hearth came to the home and stayed Emma Too Iraqi Enasseh Vance, and then if he threw him eat the bait and if the bathroom and got up to the students. Knew then be installed on the handheld if summoned pole. Degree to become responsive dimension of sin and then through the day never dove in. Vtbaha and Arguments it. The days have arisen spotted a rabbit in the desert between his hands Aftlbha and more promotion to something it Vaguetnsa after Amishqha several hardships and struggled thereafter. Then knowing the incidence antelopes. Ordered then extracting and education. Then taken by the Arabs after him. Become in the hands of the people.

The practice of fishing with prestige among peoples and the world since ancient times and was still practised for various purposes has been the most important of these purposes is an old fishing for the purpose of obtaining a livelihood from the daily fishing rights, which was practiced in most parts of the old world and even today in some of them. Either fishing as a hobby has known since ancient hunting also played sports and hobby rights in some parts of the world that have arisen where civilizations and the standard of living is relatively high. that the hobby of fishing when Arabs characteristics which distinguish them from fishing when non-Arabs. Arabs to this day Jo associated with their environment and love so great love The degree had Aidzeha right and the description of their environment like respected and cherished, it's true, despite everything said and broadcast about the Arabs already become accustomed Mormt distorting the truth matters, which means the Arabs in all areas. bringing to Enzdd ways each section can abuse them through their past and present and not for hunting Powell doors will be removed.

That the Arabs loved fishing, which must be accompanied by living in the open prairies and in Arab lands or similar to the land of the Arabs and not to kill animals is the goal sought by most of the sniper roaming the Arabs, but first in the land open to the best sights and high revive familiar or similar to the home may Madder .

Arabs depends mainly on hawks in the exercise inclinations hunt limited types of birds and bird Curlew bustard, which is still relatively common presence in the island Aarab and nearby countries and the countries of North Africa and the tiny immigrant from areas east Russia. As well as the bird Curlew, which comes to the island Arab immigrants also . Bunny and Road and he is constantly in the desert of the Arabian Peninsula.

The custom in ancient pre-Islamic Arab importance skilful falcon hunting for roving Bedouin in the desert for some customers of sustenance for himself and dependants. Moreover, the Falcon had since been used for fishing and fun hobby and sport exerted princes ranks. Arabs use is not known Al-Shaheen and Al-fishing only after the closer their relations with their neighbors and mixed them by falling on their use in the Al-Shaheen and Baz fishing. Although known to the Arabs and Al-Shaheen Baz. Under Falcon free occupy the forefront of the amateur fishing Arabs. Result of the characteristic qualities are strengths enhance assessment sniper Arabs him and inspect and maintain interest for more than a year. Either Al-Shaheen it for the prestige Atsind Arab Emirates force in a valid high-speed rate Quarries in the expulsion of birds. (And commendable speed of ethics Ahawahin Aviation unity. Eating, and the large and rapid leapfrog continue. Heart and courage. Arrested and severity of the prey. Either Baz seems to be used for fishing by Arabs has ended apparently has been for a short-especially when it occupied a hobby falconry at its current Arabs (Gulf Arabs in particular) as Baz hawks, which is not able to fish more than prey on the same day as is the case with Falcon free and Al-Shaheen, as it tends not to give up easily on the smallest of the broker and thus be ready for the start of the hunt prey again slightly
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